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I was going to do at least one more post for what's her name but then I came across Giselle Leon

                                                       Just look at Giselle's sweet face!

                                                                 And those titties!

                                                    Can't stop masturbating to Giselle

                                              She's feeling herself up- wouldn't you like o help?

                                                  Now she's got her hand in her panties!

                                                         Work that pretty pussy Giselle!

                                           Just love to see a beautiful woman masturbate!

                                                                    Get down Gisselle!

                                                                     Such a hot babe!

                                                       Let's all cum together!

Chelsey- part 2

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Think I'll jerk-off to this sexy blond some more

                                                         Does she look hot or what?

Chelsey has her boy tied and blindfolded.  He's waiting for a surprise.  She applies a little pressure to his crotch with her knee

             Now she's sitting in his lap.  No doubt his cock is getting hard and pressing against his pants

                                            The lucky stiff gets to lick Chelsey's tit

                                                      And now, a nice deep kiss!

                                           I bet he's dying to get his hands on her body

                             Chelsey sucks his cock for a moment.  Her boy is almost about to explode!

                  She shows him her pussy as the precum begins to ooze from his helpless cock.

                          Now she shows him her naked body before leaving him alone to meditate


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                                                        Introducing Chelsey Lanette

                                                            I'm beatin my meat for Chelsey

                                                                            So sexy!

                                                      This babe's going to get my cum

                                   And what's that pink ring she's got between her fingers?

                                       She could do some serious damage with that thing!

                                          So exciting to see a beautiful woman masturbating

                                                                  Go to it Chelsey!

                                           Got a feeling we'll be seeing more of Chelsey

Deborah was first

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                   An anonymous visitor recently shared some of his porn girlfriends with me

                                          Here's Deborah.  How about those tan-line titties?

                                                      And Karen.  What a nice figure!

                                     Laura looks like she'd be good to cum for too!

                             I do like this disheveled look. It's certainly worth a few strokes!

                        And this sexy dark muff!  Of course, the rest of her body is jerkable too.

So much beauty!  The problem, as always, is which one to cum to. Maybe all three- but of course, not all at once.

                                                   So can you guess who'll be first?

                                                               Hint: sexy tan lines

The View from Below

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 | 1 comments

                       Imagine yourself, on your knees and dick in hand, looking up...

                                Pretty Eva, spreading wide so we can have a good look

                                Jeanie giving us something to jerk about

                                                               Plenty of curves here!

                                She's standing over your face, watching you stroke your dick

                                                  Such a fine-looking pussy

                                                  So close, you can almost taste it!

                                                     Here's some fruit I'd like to taste!

How I became a Porn Masturbator

Saturday, June 14, 2014 | 1 comments

My older brother introduced me to masturbation. I must have been around 12 or 13 at the time. One night, when we were early teens and home alone he had me lay down on my bed, pulled down my pants, and beat me off until I came. I didn't know what was going on and was completely surprised when that white creamy stuff shot out of my little penis. It was a very strange sensation. This very first time I can't say that it felt good, just very strange.

I was probably open to this sort of thing since we had previously had a “naked club” where my brother, one of his friends, and myself would go into the woods and take our clothes off. I liked being naked in the woods. In any case, the next time we were alone I was watching television when my brother came in naked. I followed him back into our bedroom and he had me did me again. This time it felt really good. Ever since that time I've craved that wonderful feeling. And I've had thousands and thousands of times, mostly at my own hands.

After he was done jerking me my brother told me to do it to him. My older brother's dick was bigger than mine, and he had quite a bit of pubic hair, unlike me. I believe that this was the first time I had ever touched another person's dick, but I knew what to do, having had it done to me twice before. I masturbated him until his thick white cum oozed from his dick.

This started a routine. My parents would go out on Saturday night and my brother and I would beat each other off (we called it beating-off at the time). He would always do me first. I wanted to do him first, but he was in charge and I would always beat him off after I had already cum. As you might imagine, sex is always more fun before you cum. But even though I was spent when I masturbated him I probably developed too much of an interest in his dick. He was circumscribed, like myself, and had a very nice looking tool. I liked to make it cum.

One night I stroked my brother's dick a few times and then took it in my mouth. He let me suck him a bit, but then got up and start “That's unsanitary.” Unfortunately that was the end of our little routine.

My brother also introduced me to porn. One night after we were no longer having our little routines he was out in the garage and I went out to see what was going on. He had the trunk of my father's car open and was looking at magazines. There were lots of them in a box. They looked something like this:

Many of these had color pics mostly on the cover. Inside were black and white pics of babes showing their bare breasts.

I had never seen anything like this. I had looked at the ladies in the lingerie section of catalogers. It had been very exciting to see pics of women in slips and bras. But here were bare breasts! Nipples! I hadn't realized what the female breast actually looked like. And there was such variety. We looked at those nude babes for quite a while. I suppose we should have beat-off right there and then, but I, for one, had been doing it privately. I suppose that was the case with my brother too.

After several nights drooling over those pics of naked ladies my brother decided to take one of those mags. I was shocked. What if my father found out? My brother said that he had plenty and wouldn't miss it. He put it in a desk draw in the backroom of our basement.

A few days later I was home alone and I went down to the basement to see if the mag was in that drawer. It was! I opened it up and there they were- pics of naked women. I looked at them. I was alone, just me and those naked women. I dropped my pants. I was hard and I started masturbating. I must have cum almost immediately.

Now I would visit my girlfriends in that drawer almost every change I had. And I started lasting a little longer. And I developed some favorites. There was a brunette and a blond on opposite pages. I use to stroke my dick, trying to decide which one to cum to. Mostly I blew it for the blond.

Then Playboy mags began appearing in the drawer. It seems my brother was buying them at a used book store. And they had huge pics of nude women in color!

Such a magnificent sight to masturbate to! Masturbation was getting better all the time. I looked forward to the next goddess.

When this one arrived I noticed that the pic was slightly stained. I imagined that my brother had done that,. I figured that he probably liked girls with big tits. Of course I stroked my little dick for her, but she was by no means my favorite.

Nancy Jo Hooper was my favorite! I made sure not to soil her pic. I would unfold her on top of the desk, stroke my little dick, and gaze into her beautiful eyes. Then look at her tits, masturbating all the while. Now back to her eyes, then her hips, then her legs, and back to her wonderful titties. I came for
her over and over again! Those tits! That face! Her smooth tummy!

But when Priscilla Wright came on the scene I switch to beating-off to her. She about wore me out!

Of course, I've been masturbating the entire time that I've been doing this post. The big question now is which of these babes do I blow my load to? I do wish I could find that first black and white mag that I lost my porn masturbation virginity to!

Masturbating to Remy: part 3

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Ramy gets Hogtied

Here's beautiful Remy.  Notice those cute freckles?  And you can almost see her nipples through that t-shirt!

                           Now we can see her cute little nips real good!  Time to start jerking!

                                                Here's Matt.  He's a real artist with ropes.

                   Love the way he's got Remy's legs  spread wide apart.  Really shows off her cute clit!

                                                           Such a sexy body!

                                                  Can you recognize Remy from this angle?

Matt use to just tie the girls up and masturbate them.  But lately he's been putting his dick in those lovely holes.

Might as well use that pretty mouth!

                                                           And what does this suggest?

                                                       That must feel really good

                                                Remy is such a good little cock-sucker

                                              And she's rewarded with a nice orgasm

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